As an artist I aim to respond to the natural environment, taking the time to focus on the process of art making so that my practice is constantly changing, like a living organism. Degradation of the environment is something that I feel deeply about, in addition to recycling, transformation, growth and waste which are all subjects featured in my practice. I have been influenced by contemporary Australian artists such as, John Wolseley, Euan Mcleod, Tim Allen and Luke Sciberras. I like to spend time working in the landscape to experience the space, physically and emotionally, making preparatory works in charcoal, crayon, watercolour and oil stick which enable me to explore the many different properties and varied techniques I can use on returning to the studio to make large scale oil paintings that capture the essence of these studies. Recently I have been inspired by studying the ancient art of Mokuhanga woodblock printing and the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi and as a response have developed a modern take on Mokuhanga.